How does soft femdom differ from other forms of BDSM?

soft femdom is a BDSM activity that is heavily focused on the psychological aspects of power-play. Unlike other forms of BDSM, soft femdom places less emphasis on physical activity and more emphasis on power dynamics and superior/subordinate relationships. Often times, soft femdom will involve activities such as light bondage and domination/submission role-playing, but they will […]

How does Femdom Pee fit into BDSM dynamics?

Femdom Pee, also known as Urine Control or Watersports, is becoming increasingly popular and accepted within the BDSM community. While it may seem intimidating, Femdom Pee is a BDSM practice that can be extremely pleasurable for both the submissive and the dominant if practiced safely and consensually. At its core, Femdom Pee is about one […]

How does ass worship affect relationships?

ass worship is an increasingly popular sexual practice that can have a significant impact on relationships. Whether it is a standalone practice or an expression of dominance and submission between partners, there are some key dynamics to consider. The primary purpose of ass worship is typically pleasure and power. Through the practice of worshiping, touching, […]